Rimco Plastics Thermoformed Trays & Lids

Plastic Thermoformed Trays & Lids come in different sizes, shapes, gauges and uses.
Our trays have a diverse use and have been used in the following industries.

Round Trays

Oblong Trays

Oval Trays

Rectangle Trays

Square Trays


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Patrick Belanger
APN Global

With your trays, we got rid of the old crates of eggs to carry our machined parts. Therefore, we also got rid of the foreign object risk. They also help to better position our robots to stack the parts in a more efficient way after machining.

Plastic Tray Special Features

Does your tray require special features to be stacked on a rack, or finger grooves to pickup items, or numbered cavities to correspond with instructions? Our capabilities allow us to deliver the best plastic tray possible for the job. See more unique tray features.

Finger Groove

Finger Groove