Plastic Manufacturing Capabilities

Rimco Plastics helps customers overcome some of their biggest product handling challenges. Our thermoformed trays and lids provide solutions to manufacturing, shipping, sorting and packing needs for any industry of any size. Choose from our in-house trays or custom trays to secure and organize your items.

Design, Engineering, and Tooling Services

Rimco Plastics engineers excel at designing thermoformed plastic products that meet customer specifications and bring a product to production. With comprehensive engineering capabilities in-house, our customers are able to explore part design options while still meeting time-to-market deadlines.



Used to evaluate a new design to enhance precision

Machining & Tooling

Machining & Tooling

The manufacturing components and machines needed for production



Plastic is heated to a pliable forming temperature and made to shape

Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations

Custom Design Benefits

Efficient, cost effective and versatile production, manufacturing and robust inventory enable us to respond to your needs with quick turnaround and competitive pricing.

  • Time-tested designs
  • Prototypes for custom specifications
  • Small thin gauge to large heavy gauge parts trays and lids
  • Personalized customer service
  • Family owned and operated in the USA

Lean Manufacturing

We follow the “lean manufacturing” methodology. We minimize waste while simultaneously maximizing productivity. The benefits include reduced lead times, reduced operating costs and improved product quality.

  • Eliminate Waste
  • Improve Quality
  • Reducing Costs
  • Reducing Time

Pamella Durolek

My experience with Rimco has always been positive. You guys are always willing to go the extra mile and accommodate our needs when possible. Customer service has been great! Always friendly, professional and responsive in a timely manner.

Trays & Lids for Consumer, Electronic, Medical & Pharmaceutical Industries

Trays are made from PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate (PETG), polystyrene, polyethylene, anti-static & conductive materials. Trays can either be disposable or reusable, depending on your needs.


Full size prototypes can be made for an affordable price. From concept to prototype, a skilled design team and efficient manufacturing capabilities allow us to create round, rectangular, square and custom forms to suit your specific needs.

  • A prototype with 3 to 5 custom cavities ensures correct tray size, product fit and function
  • Number of cavities per tray made to order facilitate inventory and easy counting
  • Numbering of sections and cavities for inspection and product tracking
  • Custom tray sizes to fit your shipping specifications

Machining & Tooling

Precision machining and tooling processes are the key to producing our plastic trays with consistency and technical excellence. Design and manufacturing in our onsite computerized machine shop ensures maximum quality and accuracy in our in-house and custom trays that protect your products during shipping and handling.

  • Precision cutting and thermoforming
  • Hundreds of different cavity shapes for organizing and separating parts
  • Various styles and sizes of handling trays
  • Special features created for packaging and shipping ease and safety
  • For a complete list of stock trays click the link below


Thermoforming is a plastic molding technique that is much less expensive than injection molding. Rolls and/or sheets of plastic are heated and shaped over a mold and the finished product is trimmed and configured to specifications of the in-house or custom tray design, increasing stability and usability.

  • Capable of large and small production runs
  • Custom and inhouse stock designs are available
  • A range of plastic tray materials in stock

Plastic Tray Materials, Common Uses & Industries

Containers with anti-static protection and high impact polystyrene are among the production materials our clients have come to depend on, providing them with the best cost-effective solutions. Our in-house manufacturing and warehousing capabilities give us complete control over the production process and enable us to deliver the highest quality products in a timely and consistent basis.








Plastic Tray Special Features

Does your tray require special features to be stacked on a rack, or finger grooves to pickup items, or numbered cavities to correspond with instructions? Our capabilities allow us to deliver the best plastic tray possible for the job. See more unique tray features.

Finger Grooves

Finger Grooves