About Us:
Who we are:
Rimco Plastics Corporation is a family owned and operated business that has been supplying various vacuum formed parts and foam products. We have made products for industries from large Fortune 500 companies to small machine shops for over 35 years. We have supplied packaging for fragile parts used by the military, the space program, the electronics industry and machine shops.

What we have to offer:
We have in stock a large selection of trays with various numbers of cavities and configurations. These trays are supplied to our customers for the purpose of safe handling and shipping of parts manufactured from glass, ceramics, plastics and a variety of metals. In addition to our stock trays, we have the capability to custom vacuum form thin gauge blisters and heavy gauge up to pallet sized parts. For parts that need special handling, Rimco Plastics supplies custom foam packages using polyurethane, polyethylene, conductive and anti-static foams.

Shipment Handling:
We use many common shipping carriers such as: FedEx, UPS, or shipper of your choice. We also have two shipping docks open for tractor trailers to ship and receive freight with any carrier.  

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